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PDO Threads

PremiumLift PDO Sutures are one of the finest sutures around the world which are used by dermatologist and practitioners worldwide.

These PDO Threads are made-up of polydioxanone material which is a similar material which is used in surgical stitches.

These PDO sutures stimulate collagen inside the skin which helps to uplift the treated area. Once they are inserted into the skin, these PDO threads act as a “scaffold” for the skin thus helping to hold the skin and lifting it up to achieve desired results.

PDO Threads stay up to 4-6 months inside the skin after which they are absorbed. But before that they restructure the skin according to the requirements of the patient, the thread lift effect can last up to two years depending on the patient’s condition.

Benefits of PDO Threads

  • The Procedure involves no major side effects or downtime
  • During a treatment, your practitioner can use local anesthesia to lower the pain
  • The treatment may only require 30 to 40 minutes in most cases
  • The results can be noticed immediately after the treatment
  • These threads are absorbable therefore there’s no need for another procedure to remove the threads after the treatment
  • Reduces sagginess, tighter contours
  • Results can last up to 2 years
  • Our products are CE certified and manufactured at the highest safety standards.

Normally aesthetic experts recommend this treatment to patients who are experiencing traditional signs of aging such as sagging or loss of volume.

These new thread lift procedures can help to achieve dramatic improvements to any desired area of the face. The thread lift effects can either appear instantly or may require 2-3 weeks to appear on the patient’s skin.

However, it is noticed that additional improvement keeps occurring over time as the threads keep stimulating the collagen inside the skin.

How is a PDO Thread lift performed?

In a PDO thread lift, a dermatologist can use from a single thread per side to 50 threads per side depending on the requirement of the patient. Patients normally like to have this treatment at face and neck areas to lift the sagged portions of their skin.

Before injecting the needles, the dermatologist first marks the entry points of the needles depending on the face shape and desired results. Mostly aesthetic professionals use a local anesthetic to lower the discomfort during a treatment after which a needle or a blunt cannula is used to inject the thread inside the skin.

After placing the threads inside the skin, the needle or cannula is removed from the skin. These threads help the practitioner to reposition the skin as well as lifting an area. Smooth threads are designed to stimulate collagen and lift the skin.

Types of Threads

Generally, there is two type of threads:

  • Smooth threads (refer to Mono and Spring threads)
  • Barbed threads which are inserted with needles or sharp tip cannula.

What areas of the face and body can be treated with PDO thread lift sutures

PDO threads can be used for achieving multiple goals and can be used for treating forehead lines, lower eyelids, lip commissure, jowls, double chin, nasolabial folds, flaccid eyelid tissue, and other areas as well.

How much does a Thread Lift Cost?

It depends on the area from where you are getting the treatment as well as the practitioner or clinic from which you are getting the treatment. Approximately, it can cost you from 800-1400 dollars in the United States.

PDO Threads Before and After Pictures

Here are some before and after pictures of PDO thread lift treatment, please take a look.

What Areas can be treated with PDO Threads?

PDO Threads can be used for treating different areas including face and neck areas. For each part of your face, there is a different types of PDO threads including Barbed threads, Mono threads, and Spring threads.

For example, nose PDO threads are used to lift the nose and surrounding areas whereas neck PDO threads are used for neck thread lift.

PDO Threads are also used for eyebrow threading, we are one of the most reputed eyebrow threading thread suppliers. Contact our team now to order your pack of PDO threads now.

The best type of PDO Threads are manufactured in Korea, that’s why your dermatologist may prefer Korea thread lift procedure.

Can there be any complications during a thread lift procedure?

Yes, there can be multiple complications before or after a thread lift procedure. However, if you follow our guidelines, then you will be able to neglect them.

Consider these PDO thread lift complications and only choose a reputed and qualified practitioner for your treatment to have a professional thread lift.

The threads are expected to dissolve inside your skin after 2-3 months, if you feel any discomfort or unexpected side-effects on your skin, then call your doctor ASAP.

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