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23G 60mm Barbed PDO Threads with SHARP TIP NEEDLES , ,

Gauge: 23G

Length: 60mm

Length: 80mm


Each Pack Contains 20 Units


Barbed PDO threads are one of the best options for thread lifting since they come with a back-cut needle created with polydioxanone filament – these needles are also cogged.

Barbed PDO threads with back-cut needle come with two dimensional barbs bi-directional and uni-directional.

  • Bi-Directional Threads

The thread is inserted with a hollow needle; this precaution is taken to ensure that the thread doesn’t change its position once it has been injected into the skin

  • Uni-Directonal Threads

These are anchored at a higher level point of fixation. These are designed to bring out the best of solutions expected by the patients.

We offer Barbed threads with different sizes of needles; visit the “Barbed threads with BC type needles” category page to find all sizes.

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